Rarely a day goes by without a new app coming onto the scene, capturing the attention of isolated millennia. It is often easy to miss out on game-changing apps due to the busyness of our phones, but do not fear, GTTF has got you covered. We are here to provide a handy guide to one of the hottest new apps out there: Clubhouse. 

Does the name ring a bell? Potentially. If you are avid on platforms such as LinkedIn, you may have come across people sharing how they casually just had a conversation with Drake whilst lounging on their sofa eating Pringles. The idea of Clubhouse is simple; the ‘invite only’ app allows you to eavesdrop on conversations with people around the world, and even become part of the discussion. The app is centred around the idea of spreading information, and is a cross between a live panel event and a casual phone call with friends. Clubhouse offers the unique opportunity for people to engage with celebrities, CEO’s, or people who are simply fantastic in their field, and gives you the chance to network, share and collaborate from the comfort of your bedroom.

Sounds pretty cool right? Arguably the best part of Clubhouse – and I’m sure anyone who’s lived through 2020 will agree- is the fact that you can listen into these panel discussions without having the pressures of Zoom call formalities. Gone are the days of suits on top, Christmas PJs on bottom. As Clubhouse is audio only, it allows you to listen into ground-breaking conversations whilst cooking dinner, walking the dog, or even in the bath (we don’t recommend). This new era of live panel events is rewriting the norms of networking and collaboration, and brings critical discussions into the modern post-pandemic day.

Clubhouse is not just for those who love a good chin wag with celebrities; is it a unique space to maximise networking capacity. The app provides you with the opportunity to meet people you would struggle to even get to answer your calls. From Clubhouse alone, people have found business partners, investment opportunities, and even new job offers!

As with all great things, timing is of the essence. Clubhouse has created a storm in the US, and has only recently made the move to the UK market. This means that now is the time to join; with more intimate and select panels, you have the opportunity to talk directly with people at the top of their game and build long lasting connections around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? See you there! 

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