How To Take Better Photos for Instagram

Welcome to your simple guide to taking better Instagram photos. Whether you have an established social media following or have never heard of Sepia II, GTTF has got you covered. Instagram is a social media tool that is based upon sharing pictures and videos with your followers. You were probably attending your first high school disco when Instagram first began, and the game has since changed from grainy, over exposed, filtered-beyond-recognition pictures of your friends, to highly skilled photography. Here are 5 simple steps to achieving Insta-greatness. 

  1. Clean Your Lense! 

We all know the skuddy life our phones lead. Once shiny out of the box, they usually reside at the bottom of handbags or down the side of sofas. When taking photos for any social media platform- clean your lens ! This point may seem slightly redundant, but never underestimate the power a good clean lens will have over your photography skills. Grainy and slightly blurred photos will become focused, bright, and be able to capture small details. Try to get into the habit of regular lens cleaning for maximus focus and clarity. 

2. Don’t use the Instagram app to take photos 

A common mistake when first using the app is to think that photos should be taken on it, as opposed to using your inbuilt phone camera. Regardless of the type of phone you have, Instagram compresses the images and saves them in low resolution format. We recommend always using your inbuilt camera when taking shots on any social media platform. By steering clear of the app, your photos will be saved in high resolution, which will come in handy if you are going to be uploading on various different platforms or having it printed IRL. The inbuilt camera will allow you to take the time to look at the angles and textures of your shots, without being distracted by your friend who has tagged you in *yet again* another Suez Canal meme. 

3. Use Photography Apps 

Some apps can be incredibly useful when trying to up your Insta-game. Platforms such as Lightroom, Snapseed and Visco to name a few, provide a wealth of different effects to add to your photos, and offer a more detailed editing suite than that of the Instagram app. These apps also have the ability to save your pre-set filters, meaning you can quickly use the same filters with each photo. This is vital in achieving brand consistency and homogeneity on the grid. 

4. The Rule of Thirds 

Without getting too far into the dark depths of photography composition, the rule of thirds can take your Instagram photos to a whole new level. In simple terms, the idea is when you are taking your photos, try to ensure that your points of interest (the things that you are taking the photo of; wine glass, cat, etc.) are placed along one of the grid lines. Studies have shown that people are naturally drawn to these points of a photo, as opposed to the common thought of “centre is best”. Always ensure that your grid function is turned on before attempting the rule of thirds!

5. Step Away From Zoom

I’m sure we would all love to take a step away from Zoom but sorry to disappoint- we don’t mean the dreaded work platform we all now spend our lives on. Zooming in on cameras is a thing that should be left exclusively with your mum at a Gary Barlow concert. Using the Zoom function when taking a photo significantly reduces the quality of your picture, as you are effectively cutting out pixels from the photo. Not only that, using the zoom function lessens the camera’s ability to focus, so every shake or movement will be amplified leading to blurry photos. Always try to bring the camera to the object, not pull the object to the camera, to ensure maximum quality images.

By utilising these 5 steps, you can help up your Insta-game without splashing out on fancy technology. By considering these steps before taking your shots, you will enhance the quality of your photos and be one step further to achieving the lofty heights of Insta-greatness !

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