How To Market Your Music

Welcome to your simple guide to marketing your music. Whether you are a fully-fledged successful artist with millions of streams, or just starting out writing songs in your childhood bedroom, GTTF has got you sorted. We’ve compiled some handy hints to help market your creations. 

Marketing is a vital factor in maximising your listeners and reaching new audiences; it is a fancy word for creating a buzz around your songs and you as an artist. By using simple marketing tools, you can help your songs reach the ears of those who matter and those who can help bring your goals to fruition.

Before starting, it is important to assess your goals as an artist. By questioning what you want from your marketing endeavours, you can tailor your techniques to fit your brand. Ask yourself what you want to achieve, what your goals are for your music, and where you want it to be heard.

Step 1: 

Discover your brand. 

The first and most important step to marketing your music is to discover your brand. Try to understand who you are as an artist, without ceremonial cacao or sage, by writing down how you want to be perceived by your fans. That classic “Your brand is what someone says about you when you leave the room” rings true here; think carefully about how you want people to describe you and your music, and channel that into your marketing. By having a strong brand image, you will be able to identify who to market your music successfully. 

Step 2: 

Bring your music into the 21st C ! 

Long gone are the days of limp leaflets and pathetic posters on telephone poles advertising album releases. Marketing in the modern era has never been easier, and -thanks to a global pandemic – has never been able to reach more people! 

Create social media accounts that are personalised to you as an artist; in doing so, you can separate accounts and track your analytics of post engagement (and also spare people who want to listen to your music from cute pictures of your cat ). Once you have created your page, follow accounts that reflect the brand image you want to create, and interact with them by commenting, liking and resharing media. This will help bring their audience to your page, and is a simple way to gain followers who relate to your brand. 

Step 3: 

Send, Send, Send ! 

The age-old concept of canvassing your music has been a diehard technique in music marketing, and many world-famous artists began their careers sending floppy discs into Radio 1 HQ. Many musicians feel that canvassing their work is an oversaturated market, and one that rarely brings results. However, as 21st Century marketing has evolved, musicians have stopped sending charming emails to Sync supervisors, and have instead focused solely on more modern techniques of social media. In turn, this has left a vast gap for you, a brilliant emerging artist, to spread your music to publishing houses, record labels and radio stations.  

When canvassing your work, be sure to find a contact at the company that is closely related to your music and where you want your brand to be seen, (Don’t send your punk rock music to the music supervisor of Radio 3). In refining who and where you send your music, supervisors will be more likely to listen to your work and consider you for blogs, playlists and syncs that they are working on. Try to avoid the “Spray & Pray” technique of generic emails and 50 recipient long CC lists when canvassing your material. 

How To Market Your Music

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